About SEC Solar Power

We have been serving Southern California since 1998 conscientiously providing electrical and general building construction for remodelling and new construction. As an electrical and general contractor we had the experience to handle all aspects of the exciting new solar market and have installed over one thousand solar photovoltaic systems. Unlike many very large companies, who cannot handle their own installation work or hire an ever changing stream of temporary workers, we work very hard to support, train and retain our installation staff and nearly all of them have been with us for years. And, unlike companies that are very small, we are large enough to offer financing programs, to purchase equipment efficiently and at competitive prices and are financed well enough ourselves to assure stability and accountability. Being in business for nearly 20 years we understand the need to do quality work and to stand behind what we do. In the solar industry, and electrical work in general, a lot of the most important work is below the surface. At first glance, two installations may look the same, but materials and workmanship below the surface could be completely different. We have the experience and knowledge to do the job right, not just somewhere in the company, but at your property. Operating out of facilities in the San Fernando Valley, the South Bay, and the San Gabriel Valley we are able to efficiently serve the greater LA area from Ventura to the Antelope Valley to San Bernardino/Riverside and South Orange County. We can and have the flexibility to provide the smallest residential systems to large commercial arrays. And we have the expertise to do battery systems, electrical upgrades, or other improvements required to meet your specific needs.

Our top priorities are Safety, Quality and Customer satisfaction.

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